Trade-shows are a costly one-time marketing expense challenged by your management.

The stand design and content delivery of your next booth, if invested in properly, can increase your ROI 10 times.

We just had a successful run of our show at Pack Expo – Las Vegas. We decided to hear what the audience members thought after watching the “Big Box of Ideas” and it was clear that the value of the show wasn’t just in helping make the sale.

“Big Box of Ideas”, was created for Europe but was leveraged and used again in the US. Saving our client from investing in a new concept. Our client used the footage on multiple customer touch points (YouTube, emailing, SoMe) increasing the ROI.

*Hear what the audience had to say for themselves HERE


Trade-shows can be long and stressful for visitors. Why not have some meaningful fun in the process. The more the audience enjoys the experience the more likely they will remember your company and your products. If an audience isn’t walking away smiling then you aren’t utilizing your platform to the best it can.

Your messages can be delivered effectively using our services. You can communicate in an accessible and immersive way to make sure the audience can be tuned-in.

From passive observers to active purchaser, prospects need to have a clear understanding of the benefits of a given solution.

A well-done show with crisp messaging, reused across multiple customer touch points, will cut down the work of your sales team, increase your revenues and your ROI.

*See the full immersive show HERE.